Asiatic hybrids are one of the easiest to grow and the earliest to flower. They have masses of open-faced, upward-facing blooms in vivid colours and make a stunning display. Because they are shorter than other hybrids with strong stems, they need no staking. They should be planted a little deeper than other lilies as they... Continue Reading →


Interesting Lily Facts

Lilies are not poisonous to humans, they are actually widely used in traditional Asian medicine for the treatment of depression and certain types of toxicities; however¬†Lilies contain compounds that induce renal failure in cats and even ¬†the smallest amount of pollen can induce poisoning. Lilies can survive a couple of days in a home-environment if... Continue Reading →

Bulb Propagation – Lilies

Why Bulbs? Because bulbs can reproduce easily, they can create multiple shoots from a mother plant. A plant has one bulb which produces offsets at the edge of its basal plate. The parent bulb provides nourishment to the daughters as they grow. In time, the daughter bulbs will be healthy and large enough to start... Continue Reading →

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