The Plan

MERC is nestled in the quiet foothills of the Jonkershoek Mountain range, an area notorious for its natural beauty and exquisite range of up to 1100 species of flora. At MERC, our state of the art greenhouses are our pride and glory. The newly designed greenhouses allow our horticultural team to ensure a 75-85% rooting ability across our three plant species, namely Lilies, King Protea and the Pincushion. Our greenhouse’s UV lights and water pumps are powered by five ‘Organic Photovoltaic Cell’ solar panel systems which allow us to operate completely off the grid, maintaining an eco-friendly environment. Our greenhouses are covered with a 30% shade cloth produced from recycled materials. The punnets we use to grow our plants in are also produced entirely from biodegradable material so our plants do not lose vigor due to replanting.

Our watering system is designed to ensure minimal water-loss with drip trays installed to funnel any excess water back into the water pump. The use of micro jets to water our growing plants ensures that the plants receive a steady and non-disruptive water supply in order for newly developed roots and shoots to maintain steady growth.

We strive to provide strong and healthy stock plants to farmers in the surrounding areas. Our pride for the flora sector in the Western Cape is unparalleled, thus we provide complimentary site visits and consultation services for all customers who put their trust in MERC. This means that every customer that purchases MERC products will receive a minimum of two site visits from our head horticulturalist for any cultivation related problems in the first year of planting.


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