The procedure of taking King Protea cuttings

When to take the cuttings

The best time to take the cuttings is December to April in the morning or early evening. A cool or overcast day will work the best to ensure that the cutting will not dry out. Not every part of the plant material that we use will grow, so the best plant material should be selected to make a success.
Cuttings should be taken from semi-hardened plant material – usually the new growth from the last growing season which has hardened off for a few months.

Our method

Using a razor blade, we cut a ±6 cm side stem from the main stem. This cutting is taken straight and not angled. All the lower leaves will then be removed while the bottom end of the cutting is dipped in a plant hormone which will encourage root growth.
The bottom third of the cutting is buried into a container filled with sterile soil which comprises of two parts coarse washed river sand to one part good quality peat moss. The soil around the cutting is pushed down to ensure that it stays up right. The soil is watered  sufficiently until the correct moisture content is achieved. We avoid using fertilizer at this time because it may cause the cutting to rot.
The cuttings will receive a mist spray every hour of the day, and a spray programme against diseases will also be applied.
After 6 weeks the cutting will begin to form roots, those that have not formed any roots will be disposed of to create compost.


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