Lily Greenhouse

We place our newly planted bulb punnets in our custom-built Greenhouse. Our houses have UV lights to give our Lilies optimal UV rays during their growing period. We let our lilies bask in 6-8 hours of UV light daily. In our scorching summers, some afternoon protection is necessary but if the plants receive too much shade the stems will start to stretch, eventually toppling the plant. We water our punnets with drip irrigation which run throughout the day to keep our bulbs from drying out; however we do not allow the soil to become waterlogged, which will drown the bulbs. We use drip irrigation because it concentrates the nutrients and water spray onto the roots. We use the highest quality pH tested water for the bulbs to reach a soil medium that has a pH of about 5.5 to 6.5 – the textbook idea for our lilies. In the house, we keep a wary eye out for aphids and/or brown spots on the leaves; The latter indicates botrytis, or grey mold, a nasty fungus that takes hold when the leaves are left wet during cool nights. To avoid this, we don’t water in evenings and provide ample air circulation.


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