Asiatic hybrids are one of the easiest to grow and the earliest to flower.

They have masses of open-faced, upward-facing blooms in vivid colours and make a stunning display. Because they are shorter than other hybrids with strong stems, they need no staking. They should be planted a little deeper than other lilies as they form roots above their bulbs. They multiply quickly, producing bulbils (shoots) on their leaf axils, but unfortunately they have no fragrance.


Oriental hybrids are a cross between L. auratum from Japan and L. speciosum from China and Japan. They’re loved for their bold, bowl-shaped flowers. Deliciously fragrant, they reach a stately height of 1,5–2m and flower in mid to late summer. Bulbs are only available in August.


Asiflorum hybrids are a cross between L. longiflorum (L) and the Asiatic hybrids (A). They owe their trumpet-shaped flowers, long vase life and vigour to the former, while their bright colours and upward-facing flowers, clustered at the apex of the stem, come from the latter. They grow to a height of 1,3–1,7m


Tiger lilies are tall beauties that add an exotic touch to the garden with their speckled, pendulous flowers. They produce a profusion of little bulbils which can be planted up in seed trays



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