Interesting Lily Facts

Lilies are not poisonous to humans, they are actually widely used in traditional Asian medicine for the treatment of depression and certain types of toxicities; however Lilies contain compounds that induce renal failure in cats and even  the smallest amount of pollen can induce poisoning.

Lilies can survive a couple of days in a home-environment if placed in a suitable vase. The removal of the pollen from the flower will prolong its lifespan in a vase and prevent development of stains on the petals. Lilies are perennial plants which means that they can survive more than two years in the wild.

Lilies attract insects with their large and colourful flowers as well as their tasteful nectar while certain species of lily are pollinated by wind.

Some species of lilies can be used as food. Bulbs of  the lily plant contain a lot of starch and are used as root vegetables. Besides humans – insects, mice, squirrels and deer often eat wild lilies.


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