If you are looking for Leucospermum to grow in your garden or to grow on large scale, we have the perfect selection and here is how we get the seedling to grow into the plant you buy.

When we plant

We plant our seeds just before spring and autumn. This way the change in temperature is not to drastic and we can plant twice a year.

Preparing the seeds

To protect seeds from fungal infections and increase the chance of germination, we treat the seeds with a smoke primer and a fungicidal solution. We prepare the primer by dissolving a disk in 50ml of water at precisely 50ºC and soak the seeds in this mixture for 30 minutes. The seeds are then dipped in the fungicidal solution. After this we put our seeds in a refrigerator overnight before planting to stimulate natural conditions of germination.

Preparing the Soil

We plant our seeds in little punnets, so we are able to treat the soil effectively before use. Our soil is naturally slightly acidic with a pH of 5.5. Our soil contains a mixture of coarse river sand, peat  and vermiculite in a ratio of 2:2:1, which is the most ideal medium for germination. The soil is then sterilised to kill weed seeds, larvae, slug eggs and fungal spores. We rid the soil of these by drenching it in boiling water. We make use of biodegradable seed punnets to prevent seed disturbance when planted over. This way the germinated seed does not have to be removed from its original soil

The seeds are then planted in the punnets and are placed in our Germination House.


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