Germination Houses

We place our newly planted seed punnets in our custom built environment. Our houses have porous tables that lift the punnets from the ground to prevent contamination from mice and insects. We water our punnets with micro jets six times a day. We spray them all through the day to prevent the drying out of the seeds. We use micro jets, because bigger water drops can disturb the formation of the seedlings’ micro roots. We the highest quality pH tested water for the seedlings, because alkaline water or water containing chemicals such as chlorine should be avoided, as well as dam or river water which may contain fungal spores. In the greenhouse, the seeds are in a semi-shaded position for protection from harsh sunlight them as well as rodents, birds and insects. We use a 30% shade cloth, because it gives enough shade to prevent the seeds from drying out, but not to much to constrict heat flow. On a slightly less-scientific note, sometimes we play music for the seeds which is also enjoyed by the horticultural team.


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